PML Group Explores Digital Space

Antoinette_O'_Callaghan PML_Group Digital_Space_Seminar

Pictured L-R Colum Harmon - PML Group, Pat Cassidy - PML Group, Antoinette O'Callaghan - Exterion Media, Kevin Hayes - Focal Media

PML Group hosted a breakfast seminar earlier this week entitled “The Digital Space”.  The aim of the seminar was to explore and discuss digital OOH media in Ireland and to look at ways for advertisers to unlock its true potential.

The well attended event was held in The Morrison Hotel and the speakers included Colum Harmon, Group Marketing Director PML Group, Antoinette O’Callaghan, Marketing Manager, Exterion Media, Kevin Hayes, Operations Director Focal Media and Pat Cassidy, Digital Innovation and Experiential Manager PML Group.

The extent of digital OOH advertising was put into context at the opening of the event when it was revealed that there are currently more digital OOH screens available for commercial advertising in the Republic of Ireland than there are 48 Sheet billboards. In five years, digital has gone from virtually no presence to now accounting for 10% of all OOH advertising in this country.

O’Callaghan chartered the short history of digital OOH in Ireland, specifically from an Exterion Media point of view. Exterion is the largest digital OOH media owner operating in the market today. She made the case that digital OOH as an advertising medium is very much in the mainstream now and highlighted some of the creative possibilities associated with the format.

Pat Cassidy went on to discuss how digital OOH was a new and exciting entrant onto the Irish mediascape.  He carefully explained how best to design for the medium and entertained the audience with some excellent Irish and International examples and giving the audience plenty of food for thought.

Finally, Kevin Hayes demonstrated some live examples of how technology and social media can add another dimension and bring digital OOH to life.  A theme throughout his presentation was incorporating external technologies in digital screens, such as Instagram and Twitter to add new layers of engagement and entertainment for the audience.

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