All Eyes on London

All Eyes on LondonLondon today spans over 600 square miles and is home to more than eight million people. It's Britain’s economic and cultural powerhouse; number one for fashion and retail, a hub of culture, creativity and innovation. 

We are passionate about learning all we can about the audiences we reach across the capital.  Using our All Eyes on London initiative, we created a new and engaging thought leadership piece giving practical insight into understanding the London audience and how to reach them, as we believe London has an increasingly important role to play as the divide between London and the rest of the country widens.

  • The first phase of our All Eyes on London research focuses on the central hub of London, the draw for the younger, affluent and hyper-connected audience. It looks into their lifestyles, how they work, shop and play around this great city and how our Icons of London - the Underground, Buses and Westfield can reach this audience. 

    Download our brochure to find out more. 

  • In our second phase, we looked out past Zone 1 and delved deeper into the thriving pockets of urban living that surround Central London - what we have called London Villages. Looking at the similarities and differences between the audience types that reside in these areas, we created our own audience segments using the geo-demographic profiling tool Mosaic. 

    The differences in behaviours, including brand and media consumption, between the segments make an interesting proposition for advertisers and highlight the value of communicating with these audiences where they reside.

    As pioneers of the dot London domain name, we have hosted all of this insight, videos, blogs and more on our dedicated site. 

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