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Emerging interactive technologies and, with them, changing consumer behaviour are combining to create new opportunities for Out-of-Home advertising. In particular the rise of smartphones and tablets have created new ways in which consumers can interact with brands while out of home.

This new landscape has amplified many of Out-of-Home’s traditional strengths whilst also providing a world of new opportunities for brands to enjoy deeper engagement with consumers, for example the ability to transact or engage in play with an Outdoor ad.

Conducted with leading global research brand Kantar Media, Interactive Europe is the largest and most comprehensive pan-European research conducted into the interactive behaviours of the Out-of-Home audience.

Launched in 2012, Interactive Europe I introduced the concept of interactive Out-of-Home and explored its increasing relevance in the modern world; for both consumers and brands. Following the study’s success and to delve deeper into this growing trend, Interactive Europe II followed in 2013 providing further evidence to demonstrate the impact interactivity brings to Out-of-Home.

  • Interactive Europe - the largest and most comprehensive pan-European study into the interactive behaviours of the out of home audienceThe world is changing. Consumer behaviour and the expectations placed on brands is evolving, as is the way consumers interact with advertising.

    A major quantitative and qualitative study of over 9,000 Europeans across six markets, Interactive Europe I is Exterion Media’s first study exploring interactivity in the context of Out-of-Home. With research conducted by Kantar Media in 2011, this pioneering study sought to understand audience’s behaviours whilst out of home as well as what they saw themselves open to doing in the future.

    In addition to providing brands with insight into the emerging opportunities of interactive Out-of-Home and the pitfalls to avoid, the study’s findings confirmed that the personalisation of technology and the interactive behaviours it facilitates are redefining the traditional role of Out-of-Home advertising.

    For more information on this study including the key findings and the downloadable report, please visit the Interactive Europe I microsite.
  • Interactive Europe putting Interactive Out of Home advertising to the testRapid evolutions in technology and changing consumer behaviours continue to challenge traditional marketing and advertising models.
    In response, brands are increasingly seeking to create interactive experiences that allow consumers to actively immerse themselves in the brand.

    Working once again with Kantar Media, Interactive Europe II utilised a three-stage multi-disciplinary research programme and an approach which combined both qualitative and quantitative methods spanning six core European markets; UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

    In addition to capturing consumer trends and views, we put three interactive client campaigns to the test. The results prove that whilst it is still early days and there are lessons to be learned, introducing interactivity into Out-of-Home can help marketers achieve the holy grail – deeper levels of engagement.

    Finally, to complete the picture and provide a 360° view on the interactive Out-of-Home ecosystem, we spoke to senior marketers from leading global brands across a number of different categories. Their key challenges, their views on Out-of Home and crucially, where they think it’s all headed are revealed within the report.

    For more information on this study, to view our exploratory films or to download the report, please visit the Interactive Europe II microsite.

As a leading Out-of-Home advertising company, we specialise in understanding the relationships between brands and audiences.

Our Interactive Europe studies represent just a snapshot of the data we hold on the outdoor audience and we’d be delighted to share more with you. Please contact us for further information.

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