Big, bold & impactful - Our iconic international sites

Whether you choose our large-format digital screens in London, capitalise on one of our impactful canvases in the heart of Paris, or dominate a key train station in Dublin - our big, bold and impactful assets are the perfect way to get an amazing international visibility for your campaign.

Stream full-motion, digital advertising on large visual formats in London for high impact. Canary Wharf has two, new, double-sided digital screens suspended from the ceiling in the main ticket hall. These 7.2m x 4m displays create huge standout in one of the busiest London Underground stations.

1 RT

Capitalise on our retail advertising opportunities in Westfield Stratford - the most visited shopping centre in the UK - with two hanging digital banners of 3.8 by 6 meters found either end of the main walkway.


Display your message on one of the largest, most eye-catching canvases available in France. Located on the numerous big, historical monuments in centrally-located areas in Paris, our Parisian canvases allow brands to reach large and valuable audiences and achieve impact at scale. Your brand will be noticed and appreciated in the most affluent and busiest neighbourhoods of the French capital.

2 RT

Give passengers a full experience and ensure amazing brand visibility by dominating one of the busiest train stations in Ireland. With as many as 300,000 passengers passing through Connolly Station every two weeks, it is the perfect location to grab the attention of affluent ABC1 travellers. Commuters at Connolly Station will be greeted by eye-catching branded vinyl at the glass entrance, accompanied by hanging banners and floor graphics on the main station concourse. The experience will continue as they pass through wrapped ticket barriers and travel on themed escalators.


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