Bus Advertising meets International Brands

Successful brands love Bus! Bus advertising allows brands to dominate the streets and engage with urban audiences on the move. Exterion Media is one of the sole providers of bus advertising in the heart of European cities.

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More than half Madrid’s population have seen bus advertising during the last week. We offer advertising on the EMT Madrid buses - the biggest bus operator contract in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe. It provides brands with advertising opportunities on 1906 buses and allows extended levels of engagement with audiences - both Spanish and international. Exterion Media Spain is the leader in transport advertising, managing advertising across major cities, including Valencia, Malaga and Sevilla.

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With 9000 London buses and 700 routes across the capital, the London bus is the perfect way to reach audiences on the move. The iconic London red bus offers a variety of formats that ensure impact, coverage and repetition. 91% of London bus passengers can spontaneously recall a bus advert. The Routemaster spends, on average, 70% of their time in Central London. With the added opportunity of being entirely wrapped, the Routemaster allows brands to create amazing creative campaigns.

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Exterion Media is the sole provider of advertising space on both the interior and exteriors of Dublin buses - allowing brands to choose the best format for their campaign. 73% of Dublin adults are reached by an Aircoach ad in an average month. Aircoach is an important mode of transport that shuttles people to and from the airport, giving brands the opportunity to stand-out and engage with international audiences across the city.

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