Côtes du Rhône runs data-driven campaign with Exterion Media on London Underground during London Wine Week 2017

Côtes du Rhône, France’s second largest AOC wine area, will unveil its new ad campaign: ‘Everyday Sophistication’ on London Underground during London Wine Week (5th – 7th June 2017). 

Exterion media, Europe’s largest privately held Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising business, used its wide-ranging insight and data tools to optimise Côtes du Rhône’s campaign to reach target audiences at key London Underground stations in close proximity (500-metre radius) to wine bars serving Côtes du Rhône wines. 

The campaign uses a quirky collection of three images, depicting a fun and light-hearted spin on common life situations, combining well-known British and French expressions.

Virginie Charlier, Marketing Director at Inter-Rhône, said: “Exterion Media offered us a data-driven solution to reach our target audience across London. London Underground is the perfect environment to connect with hard-to-reach wine-loving commuters during London Wine Week. We can’t wait to see the results!”

Marleen De Backer, International Sales Director at Exterion Media, added: “At Exterion Media, we’re all about understanding and engaging audiences, and we have the tools to delve deeper into key audiences and the technologies to target them best. As part of our journey to becoming a Digital Media Company powered by data, we are constantly progressing in how we plan and trade OOH with data-driven solutions, helping clients like Côtes du Rhône reach specific audiences.”

London Wine Week is a seven-day summer festival which takes place across the city, with over 100 of the very best wine bars opening their doors to serve flights of wine and delicious food pairings, as well as bespoke events happening each and every day. 

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