Digital Out-of-Home complements TV and online

Last November, Out-of Home Agency Kinetic and global Media Agency Mindshare added Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) to what should have been a TV and online only campaign for MediaMarkt in the Netherlands. With DOOH reaching over 50% in the Randstad area, it proved to be a valuable addition to the media plan.

Over the course of 3 weeks, 6 videos on a 5-second loop ran across more than 800 Exterion Media digital screens at train stations and shopping centres throughout the country, during the opening hours of MediaMarkt stores.

Research was carried out by Mindshare Business Intelligence specifically for this campaign and shows the added value of DOOH for raising brand awareness and effectively reaching young people, particularly in the Randstad area.

The research uncovered a strong recall from those who saw the campaign on TV or DOOH but not stand-alone online video. DOOH provided a significant increase in campaign recognition, particularly amongst a young audience who are light TV viewers, and it was found to significantly strengthen MediaMarkt’s brand message. As well as being known as the most cost-efficient media, this research enhances the added value that DOOH can bring to a campaign, securing further it’s increasingly prominent position in the OOH market.

“We find DOOH a valuable addition to our video plans when reaching light TV viewers. For our MediaMarkt campaign in the Netherlands, we used for the first time a combination of TV, online and Exterion Media’s Digital Screens and the results were very positive. We actually believe in the addition of digital screens on the streets and on existing screens such as TV, mobile and desktop." - Yoka van de Paverd, Head of Video Exchange at Mindshare NL.

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