Dior takes over the Opera Garnier with spectacular canvas

One of the most famous opera houses in the world, the Opera Garnier is an icon of Paris with over 700,000 visitors and more than 180 shows and events each year. Dior is the first brand to take advantage of the huge 500m2 canvas, located on the side of the opera house, to promote their J’adore perfume in the run up to Christmas.   

Dior Opera Garnier Canvas Paris

Alongside its restaurant and summer nightclub, the Opera House hosts a wide variety of shows, attracting a valuable audience with high purchasing power including professionals, tourists and shoppers. Located in the heart of Paris, the Opera Garnier stands at the busy crossroad between Boulevard Haussmann, L’Avenue de l’Opera and la Rue de la Paix.   

The Galeries Lafayette department store is located directly opposite the Opera House on Le Boulevard Haussmann. As one of Paris’ most famous stores it attracts over 250,000 visitors each week. A destination in itself, the store is hugely popular with tourists visiting the capital, with foreign tourists making up three quarters of visitors to the store. 

Dior Opera Garnier Canvas Paris

As one of the busiest roads in the centre of Paris, Le Boulevard Haussmann attracts huge numbers of people, from pedestrians to bus passengers and drivers, thus making the Opera Canvas a fantastic opportunity for brands to enjoy large scale audience engagement.

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