Exterion Media France launches IMOB, its urban mobility observatory

Exterion Media France relied on its network of digital screens, Catch, located on the strategic axes of the capital, to measure the intensity of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Around 120 sensors measure daily, per hour, Parisian mobility. This first study is the result of numerous tests carried out by Exterion Media France DOOH team and its partners during the second half of 2019 and the beginning of this year.

Exterion Media France relied on Admobilize expertise, a company specialise in road travel measuring and Datakalab, a Brain Tech start-up expert in pedestrian travel analysis. 

Traffic levels returned to normal as of May 12

It follows from this first study that from May 11, Parisians were not afraid to go out, quite the contrary. Imob measured a recovery in vehicle activity at more than 90%, and pedestrian activity at almost 60%. 

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