Exterion Media launch new travel research study

 *22 days spent on daily journeys every year* 

*35% of Males think about sex on their daily journeys* 

*53% of Cork people spend their journeys thinking about what’s on TV* 

*81% of people living in Dublin and Cork cities see Outdoor advertising on their daily journeys* 

New research, released by Exterion Media Ireland, outlines the activities, thoughts and moods of people as they go about their daily journeys.  The study, Ireland on the Move, found that on average 20 million journeys are made every week by people living in Dublin and Cork and reveals that food is top of most people’s minds with 69% thinking about that evening’s dinner.

The research, undertaken by Behaviour & Attitudes, surveyed people’s daily travel patterns in Dublin and Cork. Ireland on the Move was commissioned by the leading Out-of-Home media company Exterion Media to better inform outdoor advertising strategies for advertisers in the Irish marketplace.

Antoinette O’Callaghan, Marketing Manager of Exterion Media, commented:

“This study gives us a huge amount of data on what people are thinking about and what they are doing while they are on their daily missions, whether on their way to work, to shop, the school run or to take part in leisure activities.  Ireland on the Move helps marketers to see how consumers interact with Out-of-Home media and delves into their moods and feelings as well as the everyday issues that concern them”. 

People who described themselves as “Retired” are the most positive members of society, while students display more negative emotions and thoughts than any other group.   53% of respondents believe that public transport is more reliable than it used to be while 71% are comfortable using new technologies and are interested in learning more.

The research was conducted in October 2014.  A total of 914 Adults aged 16+ took part in the study which comprised 750 Dublin and 164 Cork Adults.

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