Exterion Media Netherlands announces new research partnership with MeMo²

Exterion Media Netherlands is excited to announce it has signed an agreement for a special collaboration with the Dutch marketing and business consulting agency MeMo². Under the agreement, MeMo² will measure the impact and effectiveness of 130 of Exterion’s Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns in 2015 using it's MeMo² Outdoor Tracker ™. This collaboration reinforces Exterion Media’s commitment to understanding consumers, their behaviours and attitudes towards Outdoor, and leveraging this insight for brands. 

MeMo² was chosen to conduct the research because of its unique research method which uses its MeMo² Outdoor Tracker ™. The Outdoor Tracker ™ records each campaign’s reach, frequency of contact and consumer attitudes. The research will also record the campaign’s impact on spontaneous and aided brand awareness. In addition, advertisers will be able to add campaign-specific KPIs to the impact assessment, such as brand consideration, brand preference and purchase intent.

Guy Grimmelt, Marketing & Business Development Director, Exterion Media Netherlands, commented: "At Exterion Media we believe it’s extremely important to provide insight into the effectiveness of OOH advertising. Our collaboration with MeMo² will provide additional insights to help us to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns. This independent research with an award winning agency will help us gain a deeper understanding of the impact of Outdoor, benefitting not just us but also the wider OOH market. This significant research investment reflects our commitment to insight and demonstrates our leading position within the Outdoor landscape."

Tim Koekkoek, Managing Director at MeMo², added: "We are delighted that Exterion Media has selected MeMo² as a research partner. By sharing the insights and learnings of the 130 Outdoor Tracker ™ studies with advertisers, media agencies and advertising agencies, we believe that the Outdoor market will be able to develop, plan and launch even more effective Outdoor advertising campaigns. The insights will be shared on a campaign level, but we will also be working with VU University of Amsterdam to share relevant insights on advertising effects of Outdoor advertising in the Netherlands with the wider market. "

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