Exterion Media Netherlands launches new Digital OOH estate

In June 2015, Exterion Media Netherlands launched 11 digital screens in Amsterdam Centraal station. Launch partners Google, Coca-Cola, Amstel, T-Mobile and UPI are the first advertisers to be displayed on the 70” screens at a premium new location - the  IJhal at Amsterdam Central Station. Exterion Media has installed 11 high-quality digital screens displaying 6-second ads in a 30 second loop. The screens have been placed in optimum locations throughout the IJhal, providing a wide reach for advertisers.

Amsterdam digital screens

The IJhal is the new entrance at the south side of Amsterdam Central Station and is the central hub of the station, with restaurants, a bus station, ferry and, soon, the North/South line. This makes it an ideal place to generate huge reach. It is a busy interchange, with travellers gliding smoothly between trains, subways, buses, ferries and taxis. All of the digital campaigns are 6-second full motion ads displayed within a total loop of 30 seconds (maximum of 5 advertisers per loop).

In August, it will also provide an exclusive access to SAIL Amsterdam. Accessible by ferry from behind the Central Station to North Amsterdam, this huge nautical event happens every 5 years, attracting well over a one and a half million visitors and thousands of sailing and historical tall ships, ensuring advertisers will get fantastic visibility.

With as many as 250,000 passengers each day the new IJhal is the perfect place grab the attention of train, bus and tram passengers, and shoppers alike.

The launch of these 11 digital screens is only the beginning of a big transformation that out-of-home advertising will go through the coming years. Exterion Media is constantly developing digital and plans to extend the network of digital screens in Amsterdam Centraal station to 40 within a year.

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