Exterion Media Spain wins the Malaga intercity buses contract

Exterion Media Spain has recently acquired Málaga intercity buses; a distinctive network of premium advertising platforms in one Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. The newly awarded contract offers brands advertising opportunities across 134 buses in a prime location. These buses travel across 45 lines on the busiest network, transporting over 10 million passengers every year. Exterion Media’s contract includes the urban lines of Marbella, Torremolinos and intercity lines of Costa del Sol; building on its position as the main OOH advertising company in Andalusia.  

Malaga Buses RT

Borja Balanzat, Managing Director at Exterion Media, commented: “The Málaga intercity buses run through the main touristic cities and represent an extraordinary opportunity to maximise brands’ impact in the area, a premium support in a privileged environment.”

The acquisition of the Tussam urban buses and Seville trams that occurred last April, helped to consolidate Exterion Media’s position as a leader in transport advertising in Spain; now offering advertising opportunities on more than 4,000 buses across the major cities, including Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Málaga. 

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