Want to reach youngsters? Facebook and Out-of-Home are the solution

A recent research by Facebook, Kantar and Accenture, has revealed that Facebook and Out-of-Home are the ideal combination to achieve a large reach among European youngsters. For example, the generation that is currently watching little or no TV, or Generation Z and Millennials. 

Facebook, TV, Print and (D) OOH were included in the study. Results indicate that the combination of Facebook and (Digital) Out-of-Home have the best effect on product awareness at Generation Z and Millennials. They indicate that they are mainly aware of new products through Facebook and (D) OOH.

The research shows that Out-of-Home is very easy to combine with Facebook. The combi gives a boost in the range, because consumers are not only influenced in the awareness phase, but also provides a huge uplift in the purchase intention. 

"Understanding your brand's unique objectives and intended audience is a parameter when considering which channels to include to create an effective media mix." - Torsten Müller-Klockmann, Marketing Science at Facebook. 

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