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In our journey to become a Digital Media Company powered by data, we are investing heavily in our Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) offering. From our new DX3 digital network in London, to our XL shopping centre digital screen in the Netherlands, DOOH advertising can help you effectively reach and engage with audiences.

In the Netherlands, we have more than 800 digital screens across Dutch Railway stations and in the most visited shopping centres.

We also have new digital touchscreens in shopping centres that provide an innovative and new way for brands to engage with shoppers. These screens let passers-by play games, take selfies or experience 360º videos.

We can also offer brands the opportunity to shine on a large digital screen in a prime shopping location – the Stadshart Amstelveen. This shopping centre in the Netherlands welcomes an average of 200,000 shoppers per week!

Through our media partnership with Transport for London (TfL), Hello London, we have invested massively in our digital offering. Recently, we‘ve seen the launch of various digital assets in the UK, such as:  

DX3, London’s newest digital advertising channel, launched this November. This will eventually amount to 60 screens throughout Zone 1 on the London Underground network. With Londoners spending more time out of their homes than the rest of the UK, DX3 is an incredibly effective channel to target audiences. The high-definition displays will provide advertisers with scale, reach, flexibility and immediacy like no other channel in London.

• In October we launched the first phase of digital Buses in London in partnership with Talon. This is a huge moment for bus advertising; the product delivers stature, movement, scale, dynamism and geo-targeting – offering a whole new dimension to broadcast and narrowcast through this hugely attractive channel. 

• Our high-impact, Hello London Icons at Canary Wharf are an excellent environment for targeting the professional London commuter audience. 90,000 people work within a 15-minute walk of Canary Wharf station and 1 in 4 work in Director-level positions.

With our ever-expanding digital offering, you can effectively advertise dynamic content and utilise adaptive planning with your campaign. Not only this, but dynamic advertising releases the full potential of DOOH, allowing content that is more relevant, contextual and engaging, ultimately making the campaign work harder. 

Go digital with Exterion Media! 

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