How to capitalise on OOH in reaching ski lovers during the winter season?

According to a recent study conducted by the National Bureau of Market Research (TNS Nipo), the share of Dutch people skiing has increased significantly this winter. Over 7% of the Dutch population is going to ski this season. This adds up to around 1 million skiers; over 100 thousand more than two years ago.

97% of people in the UK who skied last winter intend to ski again this coming winter. Moreover, 50% of those who hadn’t been skiing in the last 3 seasons are willing to go skiing this season! (UK Snowsport consumer research)

Zillertal, the austrian skiing valley is a great example of a brand that has capitalised on international OOH advertising opportunities to engage with a wide European audience. The brand deployed Out-of-Home advertising across a variety of assets in two of Exterion Media biggest markets, the UK and the Netherlands. Zillertal generated fantastic visibility on our high-impact  wrapped bus opportunities in Central London and also capitalised on the London Underground. The brand advertised on the digitals screens in Amsterdam Central Station and on the Dutch National Rail network. 

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