London, as busy as ever in summer!

Contrary to the assumption that London is quieter during summer, the capital is as busy as ever. It is true that lots of Londoners like to escape the city during summer, but the vast majority of them choose to stay in London. The summer months bring with them warmer weather and longer days, making Out-of-Home the perfect platform to reach urbanites who are out and about more than ever.

Thanks to our very own audience behavioural insight tool (Abi), we analysed mobile network and web behaviour data to learn more about travel patterns across London Underground. From this, we have been able to identify an increase in the concentration of international tourists across London Underground, zone 1.

We focused our analysis on Oxford Circus, one of the most iconic London Underground stations. From Abi’s insights, we discovered that 1 in 5 of the people passing through Oxford Circus in August is an international tourist! Situated below the busiest shopping street in Europe, advertising messages here engage this diverse and international audience who are in the spending mind-set.

Busy Summer RT

On average, 15 million international travellers' journeys are using London Underground in zone 1 every month! Our analysis found the top nationalities were Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, American, Swedish, Irish, Norwegian and Chinese.

London Underground presents a great platform for brands, allowing many opportunities to reach this valuable International audience on the move during summer. 

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