MeMo² and Exterion Media are launching the Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster

The Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster is a new, quick and unique way of predicting the impact of an Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign. The Forecaster makes it possible to generate a reliable and valid prediction regarding the impact of a traditional outdoor campaign, within 48 hours. The prediction is based on over 300 outdoor effectiveness measurements conducted by MeMo², which have been processed with a data prediction tool.

Media effects research in the Netherlands shows that the impact of OOH campaigns can be broken down into three broad categories: the creative of the campaign (40%), the brand (30%), and media pressure (30%). Based on this research, The Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster uses over 20 different characteristics of an outdoor ad, which are subdivided into these three categories, to rate the effectiveness of the add on a five-star scale. The forecaster then provides advice on creating a more impactful OOH campaign, which will also be accompanied by the professional expertise of specialists at MeMo² and Exterion Media. Together, the findings are presented in a complete report designed to help create an even more effective campaign. 

Together with MeMo², we won the Hans Du Chatinier-AMMA with the Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster this year. With this in mind, our main goal was to keep developing the tool ensuring there was easy access for agencies and advertisers to take their creatives to the next level. The 100 studies MeMo² conducts for Exterion Media on a yearly basis, in combination with our expertise on short, vertical format communication, is a solid base of which anyone can use within two working days. This is what makes the Forecaster an essential product that directly adds value for all of our clients.” – Guy Grimmelt, Marketing & Business Development Director Exterion Media. 

MeMo² has experienced an important transformation within the market research domain, namely: the transformation from ‘Descriptive Analytics (What happened? Why did it happen?) to ‘Prescriptive Analytics’ (How to shape the future? How can we achieve the best outcome?). This transformation within market research has become a motivation for MeMo² to start a big data, modelling and machine learning project. The goal of this project is to not only give the market useful and valid insights after an advertising campaign, but also before it begins. The Outdoor Ad Impact Forecaster makes it possible to predict the future but also to change the future.” – Tim Koekkoek, Managing Director MeMo²

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