Outdoor by name, Urban by nature

Outdoor by name, Urban by nature

CBS Outdoor today announces the launch of a new in house campaign entitled ‘Outdoor by Name, Urban by Nature’, designed to strengthen its position as a leader in urban audience engagement in the UK. The campaign includes location specific creative that will run in key urban conurbations across the country.

Each regional execution features animals made up of various geographical icons specific to each area. For example, the London creative includes Tower Bridge, Wembley Stadium, Big Ben and many more, along with other more generic urban icons. Other examples include the Old Trafford Centre for Manchester, The Beatles for Liverpool and the Bullring Bull for Birmingham. 

In London the campaign is running on advertising sites on the London Underground and National Rail. In Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol and Liverpool the campaign will be featured on National Rail 6 Sheets and 4 Sheets, as well as Bus Supersides.  

 In addition, a Facebook call to action urges consumers to visit the campaign Facebook page in order to win exciting city experiences throughout 2012  http://www.facebook.com/cbsoutdooruk

Data from ONS and TGI show that 49% of urban audiences are light TV viewers, only 45% have listened to commercial radio in the last week, 39% read a national daily newspaper and 87% of respondents have seen Outdoor advertising in the last week. The quality, nature and breadth of CBS Outdoor’s assets in urban areas enables it to offer advertisers a huge range of possibilities to reach and engage this audience.   The top 25 of these urban areas in the UK represent just 2% of the landmass, but 62% of the income – a total of £685 billion.

The campaign runs from the beginning of January until March 2012.

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