Samsung successfully reaches Millennials through DOOH

Many studies are proving that Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is a valuable and cost-effective addition to media plans, especially when targeting Millennials. With this aim, Samsung added DOOH to supplement a TV and online video campaign promoting its ’Galaxy Slow-mo S9’ in the Netherlands. The results were very positive and Samsung´s goals were achieved.

The DOOH campaign ran on the entire Exterion Media digital NS (Dutch Railways) network (270 digital screens) and on 100 digital screens from other outdoor advertising operators across the Netherlands.

In this campaign, Samsung wanted to promote the Galaxy S9’s new revolutionary camera to its target audience of Millennials. The digital creativity consisted on several slow motion recordings replicating the TV campaign. The DOOH campaign provided a significant increase in campaign recognition, particularly amongst a young audience who are light TV viewers.

The campaign was planned and booked by Starcom and VivaKi eXchange. 

Roos Bulder, Marketing Communications & Channel SR Manager at Samsung, said: "We normally use online video to increase the missed range of Millenials when running TV campaigns. DOOH showed that it is a strong supplement medium that provides additional reach. It made a significant contribution to our campaign objectives and reinforced the effect of the other deployed media."

Previous Research, carried out by Mindshare Business Intelligence specifically for a MediaMarkt campaign, showed the added value of DOOH for raising brand awareness and effectively reaching young people, particularly in the Randstad area.

Anouk van Iperen, Human Experience Strategist at Starcom, added: "DOOH should be a standard part of the media plan for every campaign reaching Millennials."

Jorma Kwee, Senior Buyer and Out-of-Home Specialist at VivaKi eXchange, said: "Advertisers were skeptical about DOOH in the beginning. These studies help show the power of the medium to advertisers and helps the medium to grow further."

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