Standing on the shoulders of giants

The latest IPA database survey echoes that the most successful brands are using Out-of-Home (OOH) and, on average, they’re investing 13% of their media budget on this. Retail brands in particular are one of the biggest OOH buyers.

From this database additional research was conducted by OOH Agency Rapport UK and the world's leading authorities in marketing effectiveness, Peter Field and Les Binet. Rapport UK have revealed the results from this in the ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ research.

The research confirms that the most effective brands use OOH for both brand awareness (long term) and sales activation (short term). Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) in particular is growing very fast and the share of this within the OOH market worldwide is 35%, expected to rise to 45% in 2021.

"Out-of-Home is an industry staple, attracting a consistent share of successful brands' budgets over the long-term. The channel delivers affordable reach with CPM routinely below the all media average. Out-of-Home is well-placed for future advancement with rising digital penetration delivering flexible, creative, informed data." comments WARC’s Data Editor, James McDonald.

The research concludes that OOH campaigns are far more effective than non-OOH campaigns. The world’s most successful brands use 48% of their OOH budget for brand building, 24% on sales activation and 28% on combined brand building and sales activation. By combining both, brands double their long-term results and, in addition, the research demonstrates that brands with a high share of OOH in their media plan achieve:

• 47% uplift in short-term sales

• 30% more market share

• 26% increased profit

• 15% increase of new customers

It’s also proven that OOH boosts the business effectiveness of other media channels:

Source: Standing on the shoulders of giants - IPA Databank case studies 2014-2016. Rapport UK.

Whilst brands that regularly use OOH + TV as a combination reap the following rewards:              

Source: Standing on the shoulders of giants - IPA Databank case studies 2014-2016. Rapport UK.

So if you want your brand to grow, go Out-of-Home!

Sources: IPA Databank study: Standing on the shoulders of giants and Global ad trends: Out-of-Home key to successful brands

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