The importance of DOOH with Social media

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is becoming more and more an essential media in today’s advertising industry. According to eMarketer’s latest UK Digital OOH advertising report, they estimate that total UK Out-of-Home (OOH) ad expenditure will increase by 1.4% in 2018, with DOOH being a key driver of that growth. Similarly, in the Netherlands, PwC and Ovum estimate that total Dutch OOH ad expenditure will increase by 1.6% in 2018.
Here at Exterion Media, we believe that digital campaigns have the power to boost ad awareness, consideration and effectively engage with connected and moving audiences. 

The total reach of a DOOH campaign is amplified when it is shared on a social media channel. This was the case for Giorgio Armani and their #EALiveInLondon campaign in September this year. We supported the brand’s campaign by showcasing their ads on central London buses. Giorgio Armani further shared this on their Twitter and YouTube channels, which benefitted from the boost in reach that social media provides.

However, it’s not just brands that share DOOH campaigns on social media. According to research from Firefish, 39% of consumers have shared OOH ads on social media and 71% are likely to. People engage differently with social media depending on what opinions and interests they have. However, research from our award-winning consumer panel,, shows that consumers are generally open to share a DOOH advertising campaign: 

• 81% believe social media is a great piece for sharing options. 
• More than 2 in 3 public transport users say they would share a poster that was interesting / funny. 
• More than 3 in 5 Tube users tend to share content that is personalised to them / where they are.

In fact, the level of amplification of a DOOH campaign is dependent on what an ad offers, the mood it creates and the specific moment the ad is seen. 

With our ever-expanding digital offering, you can effectively advertise dynamic content and utilise adaptive planning with your campaign. Not only this, but dynamic advertising releases the full potential of DOOH, allowing content that is more relevant, contextual and engaging - ultimately making the campaign work harder.

From our new DX3 digital network in London, to our XL shopping centre digital screen in the Netherlands, our 2017 investments in technology and data offer you the right digital solution.

Please click in the link below to donwload some slides about DOOH, Social Media and our DOOH proposition for the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, including dynamic-enabled formats.

The importance of DOOH with Social Media

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