What CEOs want from their marketing teams in a digital age

This article was first published on theguardian.com on 23rd September. Story by Lucy Fisher. 

The discipline of marketing is becoming increasingly complex. It’s also becoming more and more technical, along with the rise in importance, and continued proliferation of, new marketing platforms, techniques and technologies.

This means it’s all too easy for marketers to get bogged down in the detail of the day job and forget how important it is to sell internally as well as externally.

But alongside this challenge lies opportunity, as a report from Gartner, published earlier this year, points out. Gartner’s 2014 CEO survey revealed how CEOs see a leading role for marketing in digital business, with marketers expected to aid the growth charge.

The Guardian has asked a panel of CEOs what they think is the best way for marketing teams to go about this and to please the head honcho in the process.

Shaun Gregory, CEO, Exterion Media: “Get involved in the strategic shift of the organisation”

“With the advent of social and digital, marketing is more integral, culturally, to an organisation.

“Marketing teams five years ago were seen as more of a risk area, and definitely a cost centre. But in the last three years it’s become more strategic as a discipline.

“Where marketers become really valuable is when they get involved in the strategic shift of the organisation; when they go beyond straightforward marketing. That said, as a CEO, you find that how people deliver information could always be better. I like graphics and summaries. My advice is to adopt a ‘brutalist’ approach.”

To view the rest of the panel's thoughts see the full article here.  

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