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Madrid SQ

Exterion Media Spain wins the EMT Madrid bus tender - the biggest bus operator contract in Spain


Exterion Media won EMT Madrid buses and parking contract, the biggest bus operator contract in Spain and the fifth biggest in Europe. It will provide brands with fantastic advertising opportunities on 1906 buses and 10 parking lots in the Spanish capital. This contract will be effective from May 16, 2016.

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1 SQ

Exterion Media becomes a leader in transport advertising across Spain


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Centercom 1 SQ

Exterion Media about to build the biggest DOOH network in the NL


On February 18th, Exterion Media and Centercom announced that, starting from 1st March, the entire Centercom shopping mall network is to be taken over by Exterion Media. The network consists of 125 of the biggest shopping malls in the Netherlands, such as: Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht, Stadshart Amstelveen and In de Bogaard in Rijswijk.

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