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Bus is the Canvas

Exterion Media Bus is the canvas

At Exterion Media we view our iconic Bus formats as creative canvases and the urban environment as our gallery, hence the expression…Bus is the canvas and you are the artist.

Our urban gallery never closes and the exhibition is forever changing. 

We can provide you with the space needed to showcase your brand to an invaluable audience and work together to deliver an amazing execution.

There’s nothing like the classics, from Mozart to Monet their impact on society is still as influential as it was a hundred years ago. In today’s society, we are quick to move on to the latest innovation and are always led by the hottest trends – so sometimes it’s easy to forget the classics!

Bus is a true classic

In advertising this behaviour rings true as we turn our attention to new technologies and media opportunities. Bus Advertising is one of the oldest media around - a true classic. 

Brands use Bus Advertising to capture the attention of consumers and build brand fame and to this day that behaviour remains the same. The call to action may have changed but what hasn’t changed is the consistent impact iconic Bus formats have on engaging consumers and influencing behaviours.

Take a look at our new 'Bus is the Canvas' brochure which aims to outline the various canvas types on offer and showcase just what iconic Bus formats can add to your next campaign.

workshopplay Urban audience panel

Download the Bus Planning Guide

The Bus Planning Guide is packed with the latest information including recommended weights by format and depot.


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