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Bus Planning Guide

Get Maximum value from bus advertising in Northern Ireland

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With lots of Bus formats available in various depots across Northern Ireland, it can all get a bit confusing! That’s why we have created our very own Bus Planning Guide - designed to help you get maximum value from bus advertising in Northern Ireland.

Our Bus Planning Guide is packed with the latest information including recommended campaign weights by bus advertising format.

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Discover Bus with 'Engagement Moments'

We’ve redefined of each Bus format by uncovering their individual strengths and aligning them to those occasions, or ‘Engagement Moments', when they will have the greatest impact on audiences across Northern Ireland - all based on what they’re thinking and doing during five key 'Out-of-Home missions'... 

  1. The commute
  2. The lunch break
  3. Shopping
  4. Socialising
  5. Out and about in their local area

Our new bus ‘Engagement Moments’ are all underpinned by the views and opinions of our very own urban audience panel,

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