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Pulse Smart Hub Creative Guidelines

Pulse Smart Hub digital screens are located in high footfall pedestrian areas as well as busier congested traffic locations. There are three creative techniques that can be supported depending upon the location of each hub and its screens.

The following guidelines are intended to provide education and understanding of the different creative techniques for Pulse Smart Hubs. Examples have been provided but due to the fact that every creative treatment is different, it is impossible to provide specific guidance relating to your specific artwork within these guidelines.  Therefore Exterion Media requires you to submit your artwork for approval 5 working days prior to the campaign live date. Final files are required at least 2 working days before the campaign live date. We cannot guarantee the live date of your campaign if the delivery deadlines are not met.

Static Artwork

DOOH Creative Guidelines

Static - This type of digital creative does not feature any movement or animated effects.  

We recommend a simple and bold creative to capture the attention of your target audience and make an impact.

pulse artwork good to know

Digital artwork example   Digital artwork example Digital artwork example 

Subtle Motion

DOOH Creative Guidelines

Subtle Motion - Even the smallest amount of movement has been shown to increase attention from audiences and elevate engagement. 

One or two elements of the creative can have a slow movement incorporated.

pulse artwork good to know

Lindt Subtle Motion   Pulse digital out of home example artwork Pulse digital out of home example artwork 

Full Motion

DOOH Creative Guidelines

Full Motion - Captivate audiences in areas offering the greatest levels of dwell time. 

Full motion digital creative allows you to truly make an impact on your audience with attention grabbing animation and video.

pulse artwork good to know

Pulse Digital Out of home creative example  Pulse Digital Out of home creative example   Pulse Digital Out of home creative example

Unsure of which type of digital artwork to create? Or to discuss your Pulse Smart Hub digital artwork please contact us by emailing

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