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Joint National Outdoor Research

Joint National Outdoor Research (JNOR) provides the ability to analyse campaigns on multiple outdoor advertising formats. 

mega rear bus advertising

JNOR provides an accountable and detailed audience delivery system providing standard audience reach and frequency for outdoor advertising in Northern Ireland but also probability based visibility scores known as Visibility Adjusted Contacts (VAC).

Launched in Northern Ireland in May 2010, JNOR is a joint initiative between members of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) in Northern Ireland – of which Exterion Media is part of and played a major role in overseeing and implementing the methodology of the project.

JNOR provides reach and frequency data against a range of audience demographics and campaign variables such as seasonality and campaign length.

For more information on how Exterion Media and JNOR can deliver an effective and accountable campaign for you please contact us.


Research and insights are at the heart of what we do and drive better understanding of our audience. They also allow us to advise you on how to generate maximum value from our media.

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