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The Metropolitan Mixer

At Exterion Media we are obsessive in our pursuit of engaging urban audiences and single-minded in our commitment to understanding them which we do by speaking to them on a monthly basis though, our online urban community.

The urban audience is always on the look out for new drinking experiences and enjoy taking part in various drinking occasions both on-trade and off-trade. 

The built-up urban environments, in which Exterion Media Northern Ireland’s OOH offering prospers, offer countless opportunities to socialise with friends, colleagues and family.  

Bus advertising offers brands the chance to directly reach audiences in a socialising mind-set, whilst retail advertising at leading supermarket multiples supports off-trade activity, placing alcohol brands in baskets for home consumption.

The Metropolitan Mixer takes all the latest insight from our award winning online research panel,, to deliver a concise overview of the synergy between our OOH offerings, the urban audience and the alcohol category.

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