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Admapper is our unique mapping software for all Exterion Media outdoor advertising formats.

Powered by Microsoft Bing maps, Admapper delivers enhanced visuals allowing you to see exactly where your campaign will be seen, providing greater detail and accuracy. 

Despite the many benefits of bus advertising, we appreciate that one of the key challenges is understanding where exactly your campaign will be seen, with Admapper we can generate accurate maps that visually show geographical coverage in Northern Ireland.

Exterion Media Urban Admapper mapping software

What can Admapper do?

  • Map retail outlets / businesses (or any other location for that matter) along with catchment areas across individual towns and cities and visualise them in proximity to bus routes, billboards and Point of Sale advertising.
  • Mapping of location catchment areas to bus routes and other Exterion Media formats. 
  • Illustrate locations with high coverage of specific demographics including age and social classifications, all from derived from Census data, to help you target your desired audience effectively.
  • Act as vital aid, and reducing wastage, for tactical campaign planning including; store/branch opening, subscriber push in key geographical areas, proximity to outlets stocking your product (e.g. bars & licensed venues, supermarkets, convenience stores etc.), targeting competitor outlets and locations with your message and up-weighting areas that over-index with a particular target audience demographic.

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