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Tesco 360

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Introducing…Tesco 360

A fun reminder of the benefits of Point of Sale media at Northern Ireland’s leading supermarket multiple!

Despite things having been challenging for supermarket multiples over recent years, Tesco in Northern Ireland is still one the most rewarding environments for advertisers and brands to grab attention from the Out-of-Home audience… and importantly, an Audience on a Mission!

Our Tesco Point of Sale Solutions provide opportunities to focus the attention of shoppers and seed your brand message throughout their journey from car park to checkout.

Supermarket 6 sheet advert Northern Ireland

Why Tesco 360?

In the past there was integrated marketing, which has evolved into 360° marketing – whereby marketing efforts “surround” the consumer in as many places and occasions as possible, hence the growth of non-traditional media channels.  

However, along this journey of surrounding the consumer, the vital role of extending contact to the Point of Purchase is often forgotten – after all the point of purchase is the place where everything a brand has done either results in a sale or doesn’t.

So ensure your next campaign goes the full 360 and extends communication to the Point of Purchase at Northern Ireland’s leading supermarket multiple.
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