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Bus Passenger Panels Driving Response

Bus Passenger Panels Case Study Details

In July 2014, Exterion Media Northern Ireland launched a campaign for it’s online research panel,, using a combination of Bus Passenger Panel formats.  The campaign’s long copy creative targeted ‘multi-tasking’, ‘smartphone-using’ bus passengers who had the means to join the online community right there and then!  

The onboard bus environment is ideal for direct response campaigns that can take advantage of audience dwell time.

As a result of the campaign, visits to increased 2.5 times whilst there was a 374% increase in new members compared to the period directly prior to the campaign.

Bus Passenger Panels Case Study results

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Bus Passenger Panels Driving Response


of members in Northern Ireland have joined after seeing advertising inside a bus!


of members in NI joined using a smartphone or tablet – reinforcing the ability to drive response from audiences on the move!

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