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Lucozade achieves coverage and impact with Exterion Media

Lucozade steals attention with Bus advertising and PurchasePoints

Bus offers the largest advertising presence on the high street and can inspire and amaze audiences.  Bus advertising is literally up everyone’s street. In the last week, over 585,000 people have seen advertising on the outside of a Bus. 

In cycle 9, Lucozade used the combination of Bus Mega Rears and T-Sides to achieve huge impact and deliver outstanding coverage. The campaign was also supported by PurchasePoints 6 sheets, reminding shoppers as they enter the supermarket and make important purchase decisions.

The 'Powered by Glucose' campaign encourages audiences in Northern Ireland to take the Lucozade Challenge to win prizes including £8,000 by submitting your own all-star action movie trailer.

The campaign was planned and bought by Kinetic.

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The benefits of Mega Rears


Target and grab the attention of motorists and pedestrians


Mega Rears on a double deck bus are almost 4 metres high, which means your message will be unmissable.

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