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Muller Corner reminds shoppers at the point of sale with PurchasePoints 6 sheets

PurchasePoints 6 sheets are ideally located to reach grocery shoppers as they enter leading supermarket multiples across Northern Ireland. 

They provide the opportunity to link together campaign promotional activity to the retail environment, creating reminder messages, prompters for immediate action, driving sales and stimulating impulse purchases.

Research conducted by Millward Brown Ulster in February 2012, revealed that 59% of shoppers agreed that an advertisement for a product on entry to the store would make them think more about the product – rising to 70% about younger shoppers aged 16-34.

Müller used PurchasePoints 6 sheets to promote their Müller Corner range adding a vital point of sale reminder to shoppers as they entered the supermarket - a third of shoppers said the advert made them more likely to buy Müller Corner.

The research also revealed that 67% of shoppers interviewed said they did not have a shopping list with them, meaning there is huge potential for influence.

Source: Millward Brown Ulster 2012, 211 x Tesco NI Shoppers

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The potential to influence


of those interviewed shop without a list meaning there is potential for influence at the point of purchase!


of 16-34 year olds said the advert made them more likely to buy Müller Corner

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