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  • Exterion Media Northern Ireland Audience

Send sales soaring with PurchasePoints

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) data proves PurchasePoints deliver sales uplift

Not only do PurchasePoints deliver valuable coverage and raise brand awareness directly at the point of sale, but they can also contribute and deliver an uplift in sales. Using independent EPOS data from our asset partners, Exterion Media has been able to demonstrate how PurchasePoints deliver a measurable return on investment.

Because PurchasePoints are displayed in places where consumers are most willing to buy, most able to buy and where the product is available, they can even contribute to a further sales uplift when other media are used e.g. TV or even when activity is supported by an in-store price promotion.

EPOS reveals effectiveness of Exterion Media PurchasePoints

PurchasePoints deliver in-store sales uplift across a range of categories.

Bread EPOS Case study white

Soft Drink EPOS Case study white

Yogurt EPOS Case study white

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Sending sales soaring


Increase in sales of yogurt brand X at stores where PurchasePoints were used.


Increase in sales of soft drink brand X at stores where PurchasePoints were used.

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