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Guide to Buying Outdoor

We understand that buying outdoor advertising can appear confusing, but at Exterion Media we want to show you how it simple and straightforward it can be.  

We have a dedicated team based in Northern Ireland to help you at every stage. So whatever the aim of your campaign, or whatever budget you have, together we can find an effective solution that suits you and your needs.

high street 6 sheet poster

Our quick guide to buying outdoor advertising will give you a quick overview of what’s involved.

  • Outdoor guide how much does it costThat’s up to you! 

    We have many different panel types and sizes to chose from – on the outside and inside of buses, at supermarkets and shopping malls and on billboards.  But don't let this choice put you off, we will work with you to create an effective advertising campaign no matter how big or small your advertising budget.

    Our sales team will recommend how many panels you need, depending on the format and who you need to reach.

  • Outdoor guide what format

    With so much choice, identifying an outdoor advertising format that will work best for you can be difficult.  

    Because we have range of formats from bus advertising to billboards and Point of Sale, we are in a great position to help you decide which format or combination of formats will deliver the most effective campaign for you.

    If you need more information on the range of formats we offer, you can find out more in the Our Media section.

  • Outdoor guide campaign length

    Advertising on poster sites lasts for two weeks regardless of what format you choose. Although there are some exceptions with the likes of fully wrapped buses where your campaign will appear for much longer.

    So if you want your advertising message to appear on the side of a Metro Bus it will be seen by people all over Greater Belfast for 14 days, known as a cycle. 

    You can view or download our cycle posting calendar here.

  • Outdoor guide specific locations

    All our outdoor advertising formats allow you to handpick and select specific sites based on your needs and the areas you need to reach. 

    When it comes to bus advertising, bus depots cover specific geographical areas allowing us to place your advert on the buses that cover your desired area.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee placement of your advert on a specific bus service or bus that travels down a specific road.

    Our sales team will happily create a list of sites and maps to show you where your campaign will be seen.

  • Outdoor guide talk to us

    Firstly don’t worry. 

    Our creative team will work with you to develop your poster artwork. Just talk to us and we can take a creative brief based on your target audience and key message. Our production team can even organise the printing of your posters to make the process even easier.

    If you do want to organise printing your own posters, you can view and download production specifications for all our formats.

  • Outdoor guide post campaign

    We value your business and want to build and maintain a long term relationship with you.  

    So once you’ve launched your campaign with us, we don’t want our relationship to end.  We offer a complete aftercare services which includes a complete campaign review and photography.

That’s all there is to it.  

If you want more information or are ready to start planning your outdoor advertising campaign we’d love to help. Email us to arrange a no-obligation phone call or meeting to discuss your needs.

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