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Retail and Point of Sale Advertising

Exterion Media is the market leading provider of Retail and Point of Sale advertising in Northern Ireland through our exclusive partnerships with Tesco Northern Ireland, Dunnes Stores and shopping malls across the country.

Whatever your campaign objective, we have a retail format to suit your needs.  Whether it's targeting the grocery shopper at supermarkets, or the leisure shopper as they shop for clothing and cosmetics at shopping malls, we can help.

You can explore our range of formats below by expanding each section below.

Exterion Media Northern Ireland Audience

  • Reach and Remind the Grocery Shopper at the Point of Purchase

    PurchasePoints 6 sheets are located at supermarkets across Northern Ireland.  Their store entrance location is ideal for using the last window of influence to remind shoppers to put your brand in their trolley.  An opportunity to influence the main weekly shop.

    To view a full list of locations why not download our Planning Guide?

    Exterion Media Northern Ireland Outdoor Advertising Bus Billboard Retail

  • Reach Convenience shoppers

    In recent years there has been a return to the high street by supermarket multiples, with Tesco opening more Tesco Express neighbourhood convenience stores.  

    PurchasePoints Express 6 sheets provide unrivaled targeting of the Tesco top-up shopper in Northern Ireland.  Their standard 6 sheet size means they can be easily added on to any PurchasePoints campaign.

    Supermarket 6 sheet advert Northern Ireland

    Did you know?

    Tesco Express shoppers in Northern Ireland are younger, more affluent and spend more!

    Source: NI Target Group Index

  • Accompany the Grocery Shopper for their entire trip

    Trolley handles are available across the Tesco Northern Ireland store network. They place your brand’s message directly in front of shoppers for the duration of their shopping trip. 

    Exterion Media Northern Ireland Outdoor Advertising Bus Billboard Retail

    Did you know?

    67% of Tesco Northern Ireland customers shop without a list meaning there is huge potential for influence

    Source: Millward Brown Ulster, 2012

  • An in-store presence at every Tesco supermarket

    StorePoints are a network of advertising panels placed on security barriers inside every Tesco Northern Ireland store.  They are visible to all shoppers as they enter the supermarket.  With a single pack of StorePoints available every 2 weeks, you’ll achieve 100% coverage of Tesco stores.

    Exterion Media Northern Ireland Outdoor Advertising Bus Billboard Retail

    Did you know?

    38% of mainshoppers in Northern Ireland spend at least £71 a week on groceries, with a further 19% spending between £51 and £70

    Source: NI Target Group Index

  • Clothing or Cosmetics? Target the leisure shopper across Northern Ireland

    Our network of shopping mall 6 sheets are available at malls across Northern Ireland.  Ideal for proximity targeting to retail outlets where your product is available, or perhaps inspiring shoppers and making the most of the environment where they are ready and willing to spend!

    To view a full list of our Mall 6 sheet locations why not download our Planning Guide?

    Shopper Audience