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Billboards & Premium Roadside

Our roadside billboards are located in high traffic areas and on key arterial routes.

Billboards are the original brand building format and broadcasts your message 24 hours a day, delivering stand-out and cut-through.  Whether you need your message to be seen in a single location or multiple locations across Northern Ireland, we can create a list of suitable billboard locations to suit your needs. 

Our billboards are available as 48 Sheet, 96 Sheet as well as a growing network of premium backlit lightboxes.  You will find our billboards in Belfast and towns and cities across Northern Ireland. 

Exterion Media are members of JNOR (Joint National Outdoor Research) which means that all of our billboards are measured and accountable so we can tell you how many people in your target audience are likely to see your campaign.

48 Sheet and 96 Sheet Billboards

Exterion Media Northern Ireland billboard advertising

Premium Roadside Backlits

In addition to classic billboards, we offer a range of premium roadside backlit and digital sites. All our premium roadside sites are located on major roads and high traffic areas in Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital city. High definition vinyl combined with illumination ensures your message is truly unmissable and stands out from the crowd.

JD Sports backlit 96 sheet

Roadside Digital Billboards

Located on busy Bruce Street in Belfast, between Dublin Road and Great Victoria Street, this large format roadside digital screen boasts an impressive 40,000 pixels/m2 making sure that your campaign stands out the slower moving vehicular traffic and pedestrians who pass the site daily.

Bruce Street provides advertisers with the opportunity to connect with audiences as they work, shop and play in Northern Ireland's capital city.

Approximately 90,000 vehicles and over 30,000 pedestrians travel along Bruce Street in a two week period, combine this with the huge creative potential offered by digital advertising, it's the perfect way to make an impact!

Roadside digital can accommodate flexible campaign requirements including multiple creative changes, specific creative by time of day, day of week or more. 

Bruce Street roadside digital screen belfast


Find out more about how our billboards and measurable and accountable here.

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