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Bus Advertising

Exterion Media is the main provider of Bus advertising, giving advertisers the ability to engage with urban audiences on the move across Northern Ireland. 

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Bus gives you cover and scale, will meet your campaign objectives and can play an integral role in a multimedia plan, boosting call to action on top of other media campaigns.

Buses go where people go – they can be found on every town and city in Northern Ireland. 

Bus provides an essential service for many, connecting people to towns and cities across Northern Ireland. Their presence on our streets is ultimately driven by public demand and its nature as a public service means that Bus Advertising is not only welcomed but has the capabilities to reach and engage audiences in some of the most important, and relevant of environments. 

The importance of buses in Northern Ireland is reinforced by record numbers of passenger journeys made on buses...

bus journeys northern ireland

Diversity and choice with Bus Advertising

Bus is a multi-format medium capable of engaging a range of audience types, in different mindsets and during key out-of-home moments and occasions. It’s not just those who use buses to get around, but also those who come into contact with Bus Advertising as they go about their daily journeys.

bus engagement moments exterion media bus advertising

Our Regions, Your Audience

Looking to reach a local audience? Exterion Media is an expert in providing bus advertising solutions that reach the heart of local areas. We can tailor a campaign that reaches your local audience in any town or city across Northern Ireland.

View our regional bus section to read more about what we can offer in your target location.

exterion media bus advertising belfast northern ireland

Bus Formats

To help you get the most from this versatile medium, we have redefined each Bus format based on their individual strengths, and aligning them to those occasions, or ‘Engagement Moments’, when they will have the greatest impact on your target audience.

Don't just take our word for it! Our new Bus ‘Engagement Moments’ are all underpinned by the views and opinions of our very own research panel of Northern Ireland Urbanites...

You can explore the various Bus Advertising formats available and their unique benefits by expanding each section below.  

  • T-Sides - 'The Attention Dimension'

    bus advertising exterion media northern ireland

    T-Sides are the ultimate brand builder.  

    What makes the T-Side so powerful is its stature, combined with a drop section that lends itself to stunning visuals, ideal for propelling brands to fame and boosting recall, reinforced by over half of Urbanites who say T-Sides “make the brand or company advertised more memorable”.

    Captivating attention across all out-of-home journeys, but noticed most when shopping, socialising and during the lunch break. Two thirds of Urbanites told us they think T-Sides are particularly great at “launching a new product or brand”, 60% said they were great at “making you aware of an existing brand’s promotion” and 52% of those who see T-Sides say bus advertising reminds them of a product or brand they’ve already heard on radio, or seen on TV.

    Interested in advertising on T-Sides? Contact a member of our team on 028 9104 2116 or email


  • Supersides - 'The Social Session'

    exterion media bus advertising northern ireland

    Supersides stimulate during a social setting. Highly visible and in proximity to shops and leisure venues, Supersides engage urban audiences at a time when they are feeling relaxed yet impulsive... and ready to spend!

    Over two thirds notice Supersides when shopping in their town or city centre followed equally by 52% when out socialising and 54% on their lunch break.  Their towering placement, high above the crowds of shoppers explains the huge 82% who think Supersides make it easier to see the advert when on the high street.  Increased visibility, within a relevant environment, reveals why 51% of those who see Supersides think “buses are a great place to tell them about new products and special offers”.

    Interested in advertising on Supersides? Contact a member of our team on 028 9104 2116 or email


  • Solus Rears - 'The Motoring Moment'

    Bus Advertising Belfast Northern Ireland

    Solus Rears boast increased dwell time in addition to engaging audiences who have the means to take immediate action!

    Although the smallest of the Bus external formats, don’t be fooled - their placement is everything!  Solus Rears are perfectly placed for one-to-ones with motorists and their passengers, supported by the fact that 83% think they make it easier to see the advert when travelling in the car.  Because of this, Solus Rears also boast increased dwell time in addition to engaging audiences who have the means to take action – a third say Solus Rears are great for communicating with them when they are close to a particular business.  

    Interested in advertising on Solus Rears? Contact a member of our team on 028 9104 2116 or email


  • Streetliners - 'The Community Connection'

    bus advertising exterion media northern ireland

    Streetliners offer the chance to engage with an urban audience when they're at their most relaxed and receptive. Making a true connection when out and about in their local area, and close to their homes.

    Making your message relevant is also welcomed by Urbanites who notice Streetliners, 43% of whom think that advertising written with the situation / environment in mind is more entertaining and holds their attention for longer. In equal measure, Streetliners are noticed most by Urbanites when shopping and out about in their local area.

    Interested in advertising on Streetliners? Contact a member of our team on 028 9104 2116 or email


  • Passenger Panels - 'The Persuasion Occasion'

    Bus Advertising Belfast Northern Ireland

    With a socially engaged and relaxed audience at your disposal, Passenger Panels are the perfect platform to persuade.  

    Noticed mostly during the commute, but also when going shopping and socialising, most passengers are connected commuters with time to take action!  Supporting this further is the 63% who notice Passenger Panels who say “bus advertising often gives them something to read” and the 7in10 who think Passenger Panels are great at communicating information when they have time to read and take note of relevant contact information. 2in5 also say they persuade or remind them to something whilst travelling on the bus.

    Passenger Panels are available in two different sizes; Commuter Cards and Back of Drivers.

    Interested in advertising on Passenger Panels? Contact a member of our team on 028 9104 2116 or email


  • Mega Rears

    Bus Advertising Belfast Northern Ireland

    Captivate audiences with 4 metre high creative canvas to showcase your message and make an impact!

    Mega Rears seize both drivers’ and pedestrians’ attention and have generated some of the most famous and talked about Bus campaigns over the years because they have the power to make a huge impact on a wide audience. 

    Mega Rears are an ideal format to build and maintain brand awareness over a longer period of time, gaining maximum value from bus advertising.

    We can provide you with the space needed to showcase your brand to an invaluable audience and work together to deliver an amazing execution.

    Interested in advertising on Mega Rears? Contact a member of our team on 028 9104 2116 or email

  • Wrapped Bus

    Bus Advertising Belfast Northern Ireland

    An opportunity to 'own the bus', make a real statement and create a talked about iconic campaign

    The mobile nature Bus advertising already dominates high streets across Northern Ireland. A Wrapped Bus, either double deck or single deck, amplifies your message even further by providing maximum and unmissable impact.

    Wrapped Buses offer the largest advertising canvas with a double deck bus longer than a 48 sheet poster and with a larger area than a 96 sheet.  Allowing you to brand almost every aspect of the bus, this format virtually provides ownership of the bus allowing you to really let the creative juices flow and make a real statement on the street.
    It’s the ultimate way to advertise on a large scale and take your message to areas where other OOH formats cannot reach.

    Interested in wrapping a bus? Contact a member of our team on 028 9104 2116 or email

To discuss your Bus Advertising requirements, or if you'd like to see the full results of our Metropolitan Moments Bus research, please contact us on 028 9104 2116 or email

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