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Bus advertising in Dungannon

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Dungannon, with its population of almost 16,000 people, is known for its food processing plants which have shaped Dungannon’s economy, evolving from the traditional industry sectors of agriculture and linen production.

The town is also an ideal vibrant shopping destination as it’s easily accessible from all over Northern Ireland and boasts a wide range of shops lining Dungannon’s busy streets, squares and in newer developments such as the Oaks Centre.  

With Dungannon Bus Station positioned within walking distance of the town centre, there’s no better way to reach and engage shoppers willing to part with their cash than with bus advertising.

Did you know?

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We can help make your budget go further

Our range of high visibility bus formats means there’s something to suit every message and budget. Furthermore, we can ensure every penny of your budget is used to maximum effect by placing your advertising messages on buses operating from the depots that service the Dungannon area.

Our exclusive bus campaign mapping software allows us to plot bus routes and specifically target areas within the Dungannon area including; Aughnacloy, Ballgawley, Benburb, Castlecaufield, Coalisland, Cookstown, Donaghmore, Dungannon Town,  Moy, Moygashel, Pomeroy and Stewartstown.

bus mapping Northern Ireland

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We have a dedicated team for the Dungannon area, with in-depth knowledge and insight on how to reach your local audience with bus advertising. Contact our team by emailing

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