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High Street Retail

High Impact on the High Street.

We have been awarded BT’s street furniture advertising contract which means we can offer a network of high street 6 sheets and phone kiosks located in every town and city across Northern Ireland. It’s never been easier to achieve excellent reach and frequency and target consumers during crucial decision-making moments – whether they are traveling on foot or by car along Northern Ireland’s high streets.

Our high street formats are some of the most locally targeted forms of advertising you can buy. Affordable and easy to book, we know they’ll help you become famous in your area. Our extensive coverage means we can handpick sites and tailor packages to your specific needs including; budget goals, geographical targeting and stockists of your product.

High Street 6 Sheets

With 56% of Northern Ireland's top 50 urban areas boasting high street 6 sheets, it's no surprise that 8in10 regularly notice this type of advertising. With their 6 sheet size and locations on pavements in busy town and city centres means its understandable that 7in10 say high street 6 sheets make it easier to see the advertisement when they are on the high street. Almost 6in10 also admitted to considering buying on the products / brands after seeing it advertised on a high street 6 sheet poster. 

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Phone Kiosks

Phone Kiosks can be found in every town and city across Northern Ireland making them ideal to spread your message right across the country, or handpick selected locations for a hyper-targeted campaign.  Their location in the heart of communities and in hard-to-reach areas makes them ideal for directing audiences or communicating important public information. 7in10 tell us they regularly notice advertising on phone kiosks with 82% likely to take some form of action as a result.

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Talk to one of our dedicated account managers to discuss your exact requirements and to discover our high street retail locations - 028 9104 2116.

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