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Due to their unobstructed position StreetHubs are noticed from further away and hold consumer attention for longer!

Streethubs digital advertising Belfast

Delivering 1 GB free Wi-Fi to the local communities and cities, StreetHubs make smarter connections between technology, consumers and brands in major cities across the UK including Belfast. The StreetHubs network in Belfast boasts 20 located throughout some of the City's busiest streets. Positioned at head height, these digital screens capture the attention of audiences by rising above the crowds on busy shopping streets.

Streethubs Research

In addition to their sleek digital screens, StreetHubs in Belfast offers the following benefits to advertisers:

  • More visibility than a roadside digital bus shelter
  • Excellent city centre proximity 
  • Choose from prebuilt packages or benefit from flexibility that allows you to buy any day, hour parts or locations
  • Best in class dynamic capabilities
  • Content sponsorship opportunities
  • Advertising amplifiers using built in tablet
  • Form a positive brand connection by supporting exciting free services to consumers

Head and shoulders above the rest: Why do StreetHubs work so well?

At 3m tall, StreetHubs stand head and shoulders above the clutter of our streets and are unmissable. With their digital screens sitting at eye level and above, independent research has proved the increased visibility of StreetHub screens compared to other small format, roadside, digital offerings in market. An eye tracking study took place to see the difference between StreetHub and other roadside D6 opportunities, here’s a short summary of the key findings:

StreetHubs are noticed from further away 

StreetHubs are seen from 30m away compared to a digital bus shelter at 24m 

Streethubs Research

StreetHubs attract eyeballs

StreetHubs had 8.4 fixations compared to 6.1 of a digital bus shelter (fixations means how many times the eyeball moves to view the screen)

Streethubs Research

StreetHubs hold consumer attention for longer

StreetHubs had a total viewing time of 7.1 seconds compared to 5.2 seconds of a digital bus shelter.

Streethubs Research

Source: Acuity - Eye Tracking Research, January 2018

Every Campaign is Different

We can tailor your StreetHubs campaign and pricing to your exact requirements. By speaking to one of our dedicated account managers you are guaranteed to get the most accurate price estimate for your campaign email us at

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Streethubs digital advertising Belfast

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Streethubs digital advertising Belfast

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