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Northern Ireland Media 1st for Aer Lingus with Lenticular T-Sides

Aer Lingus Lenticular TSides Belfast

Aer Lingus has become the first advertiser in Northern Ireland to take advantage of advances in printing technology by using lenticular T-Sides as part of their January seat sale campaign.  The campaign which launched on 2nd January 2017 asks people across Belfast to choose between January blues or the Aer Lingus January seat sale.

Extra impact was added to the call-to-action message “Up to 50% off Europe” with sections of the T-Side enhanced with lenticular technology to make the promotional offer increase and decrease in size as the bus moves, or is viewed from different angles.

Our natural instinct is to be alert to movement and unsurprisingly 7in10 urbanites said they notice bus advertising because the bus is moving and it catches their attention! This makes Bus the ideal canvas to showcase the jaw dropping effects of lenticular technology.

Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenses are used to produce printed images with the illusion of depth, or that have the ability to change or move as the image is view from different angles.

You can watch the campaign in action below.

This head-turning campaign was planned and bought by Mediavest Ireland and PML Group NI. 

For more information on Lenticular T-Sides please contact Exterion Media on 028 9104 2116

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