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AXA makes a confident return to Outdoor with Bus Advertising

AXA Insurance bus advertising Northern Ireland

Pictured: Exterion Media’s Natasha Downey, Kerry Henderson from AXA Northern Ireland, Paula Graham from Kinetic WW and Keri Heatlie from Exterion Media.


AXA made a confident return to outdoor advertising this summer with Bus Mega Rears delivering impressive stand out in key towns and cities across Northern Ireland.


Acting as a 4-metre-high canvas for their latest brand proposition ‘Confidence moves everyone forward’, the powerful imagery combines with this jaw-dropping bus format to deliver an all-round impressive campaign.


The latest wave of research revealed that over 2in5 insurance decision-makers felt that the pandemic had given them doubts about their future. Similarly, 6in10 said the same of the current political landscape and over 50% felt issues such as climate change gave them more doubt about their plans for the future. 


This latest campaign from AXA seeks to address these doubts with a campaign that focuses on providing confidence and optimism through the security and protection of insurance. 


Supporting the efficacy of the Bus Mega Rears, respondents in a post-campaign survey said that the AXA bus advertisements “stood out to them”, “were difficult to ignore” and “caught their eye” – encouragingly, those profiled as insurance decision-makers were even more likely to agree.

AXA Insurance bus advertising Northern Ireland


Paula Graham from outdoor advertising specialist, Kinetic WW, said: 

"It comes as no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone and every business sector, and outdoor advertising was no exception. But as most restrictions have now been removed, we’re seeing audiences return outdoors, and to our towns and cities, at an impressive rate. 
The use of outdoor advertising for this latest AXA campaign not only demonstrates confidence from major advertisers in outdoor advertising as an effective medium in this ‘next normal’ but Bus Mega Rears were the obvious choice for combining reach amongst insurance decision-makers with the huge scale required to generate the stature and fame this powerful creative message deserved”.


Keri Heatlie from Exterion Media added: 

“Further insight from our research revealed that over a third of respondents really liked this optimistic approach from AXA and a fifth felt it set AXA apart from other insurance providers in the Northern Ireland market. This really does demonstrate how campaign success can be boosted further through a combination of a powerful message, an impressive creative treatment and the right media platform”.


The campaign was planned and bought by MEC Ireland and Kinetic WW.


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