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We’re Barking Mad about Dogs!

*32% say their dog gets more attention on social media than they do*

*1 in 10 prefer kissing their dog than their partner *

work shop play dog lovers research results

Recent research from, the online research panel in Northern Ireland, revealed just how popular our four-legged friends are! The research shows the bond between dogs and a people in Northern Ireland is undeniable. 

A whopping 91% of dog owners in NI say they consider their dog a member of the family, so it’s not surprising that over 40% also buy their dog a gift for special occasions such as Birthdays and Christmas. It appears gifting isn’t exclusive to special occasions - a fifth of male respondents confessed to spending more money on their dog each month than on their partner!  

Love for our canine friends isn’t just expressed through gifts with 1 in 10 saying they prefer kissing their dog than their partner!  Or perhaps a doggy dinner date is in order? It seems so as 57% would like to see more dog-friendly cafes, restaurants and bars in Northern Ireland.

The research also showed how we like to show-off our precious pooches on social media, unfortunately they seem to steal the limelight! A third of members said their dog gets more attention than they do when they post about them on social media.

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Download a summary of the results here, or contact a member of Exterion Media for the full results.

work shop play dog lovers research results

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