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Exterion Media release results of Life in Lockdown survey

*16% have dressed from the top up for a work video meeting*

*23% used “social distancing” as an excuse to ignore people*

*3 out of 4 are confident the authorities can take us safely out of lockdown*

*43% have indulged in more snacking*


Exterion Media have released the results of their latest survey, Life in Lockdown.  The All Ireland survey looks at the habits and thoughts of people during the period of restrictions and results are available for both markets. The survey was issued on 18thMay 2020 to coincide with the first phase of reopening of society and business and had over 1,175 responses.

There have been significant shifts in mood and sentiment since the first days of restriction.  The community are feeling more resilient - up to 28% from 13% - and positive - up to 32% from 18% - since the early days of the lockdown.   However, feelings of frustration - up to 36% from 25% -  and loneliness - up to 19% from 10% - are on the rise.  

Fatigue has set in in relation to news relating to the pandemic. At the start of restrictions 65% of the community claimed they were hungry for news about Coronavirus.  This figure has dropped to 8% with 47% only looking at headlines, 30% bored with Coronavirus news and 16% avoiding such news altogether.

As life in lockdown centres around food, the community has come out in support of local restaurants and retailers who have adapted their business models in order to survive. Over a third have used local restaurant delivery and click collect services and 15% have had food delivered from local independent butchers, greengrocers and delis – rising to a quarter of all respondents in Northern Ireland.

42% have been testing their general knowledge with virtual quizzes, 16% have enjoyed an online “pub” experience while almost 8 out of 10 Urbanites have used online video platforms to catch up with family and friends.

The lockdown has not stopped people from keeping up appearances as their online purchases show; 30% have bought personal grooming products such as shavers and hair dyes, 15% have bought make-up while 15% have bought new pyjamas and loungewear.

Post lockdown, and apart from meeting up with family and friends, respondents are looking forward to getting back to their normal social activities; going on holiday 63%, going out for a meal 59%, going to a bar 39%, cinema 33%. Over half are looking forward to a professional haircut or beauty treatment with this figure rising to 58% for female respondents.

45% of Irish Urbanites believe there will be a birth rate spike post lockdown but living in close quarters has 13% wanting to move out as soon as possible and 5% not sure they actually like their partner. 

Commenting on the findings, Antoinette O’Callaghan, marketing manager of Exterion Media Ireland said: 

“This survey looked at the lighter side of Life in Lockdown.  We wanted to check in with our community and see how they were coping without their usual work, shop and leisure activities and missions. It’s interesting to see pandemic fatigue set in, how our community have dealt with restriction and the value placed on social activities"

Ryan Hoy, marketing manager of Exterion Media Northern Ireland added: 

“Whilst the social ethos of our urban community has been altered somewhat, the current restrictions the pandemic has placed on our lives means that community, in any sense, is more important than ever before.  The fact that we’ve seen in almost 1,200 members across the Island join forces to share their opinions in this survey is testament to this”.


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