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Female Urbanites Crack Open the Beer in Latest Research

*36% of female urbanites in Northern Ireland drink beer weekly*

*9 in 10  female urbanites pick up their beer at large supermarket multiples *

female beer drinkers work shop play

Recent research from, the online research panel, revealed the growing popularity of beer drinking amongst female urbanites. Three quarters of women surveyed drink beer at least once a month with over a third doing so weekly. 

Coors light (43%); Corona (43%) and Peroni (37%) are amongst the beer brands bought most often by women in Northern Ireland, with the majority (93%) purchasing beer at large supermarket multiples such as Tesco – half of whom do so when conducting their main weekly shop.

The research also showed that beer can still be perceived as a ‘man’s drink’, with 36% of women served the wrong drink when they have asked for a beer in a bar or restaurant, with the assumption being that the beer must be for the man! Although a whopping 91% corrected the bar staff or waiter and 5% drank, or took a sip, from the wrong drink to avoid confrontation!

Beer survey

Download a summary of the results here, or contact a member of Exterion Media for the full results.

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