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Introducing Metropolitan Moments

Metropolitan Moments

'Metropolitan Moments’ explores the mind-sets and activities of those living in our towns and cities and showcases how Bus offers the perfect platform to engage with these Urbanites.

Bus Advertising is, in its essence, an urban medium. Bus provides an essential service for many, connecting people to towns and cities across Northern Ireland. Their presence on our streets is ultimately driven by public demand and its nature as a public service means that Bus Advertising has the capabilities to reach and engage audiences in the most important, and relevant of environments.

With a variety of formats, Bus is a multi-format medium capable of delivering all types of marketing communication - not just to those who use the Bus to get around, but also those who come into contact with Bus Advertising as they go about their daily journeys.

Core to ‘Metropolitan Moments’ is the redefining of each Bus format by uncovering their individual strengths and aligning them to those occasions, or ‘Engagement Moments’, when they will have the greatest impact on Urbanites across Northern Ireland - all based on what they’re thinking and doing during five key Out-of-Home missions; the commute, the lunch break, shopping, socialising and when out and about in their local area.

Don't just take our word for it! Our new Bus ‘Engagement Moments’ are all underpinned by the views and opinions of our very own research panel of Northern Ireland Urbanites...

Welcome to ‘Metropolitan Moments’ and introducing our five new Bus ‘Engagement Moments’… 

  • The Attention Dimension
  • The Social Session
  • The Motoring Moment
  • The Community Connection
  • The Persuasion Occasion

  • The diversity of Bus formats, and their associated benefits, gives you an abundance of choice when it comes to creating a connection with your target audience, to arrange a demonstration of ‘Metropolitan Moments’ please contact 028 9104 2116

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