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Northern Ireland Urbanites in favour of new ‘Sugar Tax’

*Majority of Northern Ireland Urbanites in favour of the new Sugar Tax *

*26% of Northern Ireland Urbanites would stop buying sugary soft drinks altogether as a result of the Sugar Tax*

work shop play sugar tax infographic Northern Ireland research

Urbanites in Northern Ireland are in favour of the recently announced ‘Sugar Tax’ on sugary soft drinks.  This was confirmed in the latest research on diet and health from, the online research panel.

According to the research, despite opinion being split as to whether or not the ‘Sugar Tax’ will work, 65% remain in favour of it being introduced.

When it comes to changing habits in relation to buying sugary soft drinks, half of Northern Ireland Urbanites say the ‘Sugar Tax’ will reduce the amount they spend on sugary drinks, but won’t stop them buying them altogether. However, over a quarter said it would stop them buying sugary soft drinks completely.

The research also explored other areas in relation to Diet and Health including Childhood Obesity which revealed 6 in 10 parents / grandparents have concerns about their children and grandchildren becoming overweight or obese.  Treat foods (e.g. crisps, biscuits, chocolate, sweets) remain the most popular treat to give children, with the main reason as a reward for good behaviour (63%).

Download the infographic here.

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