New Out of Home strategy Unilever highly successful

Kinetic and Exterion Media recently developed a promising new Out of Home strategy for Unilever. The strategy is based on spreading out the regular one-week Unilever bus-shelter campaigns over multiple weeks instead. The first results show that these multiple-week campaigns have a significantly larger and longer-lasting effect on campaign recognition and product recognition.

Unilever has so far initiated five campaigns using this new strategy, for Robijn, Axe, Magnum, Lipton Core and Lipton Green. For these brands, the total number of faces normally used in a weekly national campaign is spread out over multiple weeks. However, this does not mean that the campaign can be ‘cut in half’. A careful analysis was conducted for each campaign based on target group and contact opportunities. The campaign is subsequently optimised based on contact groups and contact frequency. While in regular campaigns all contacts are made in one week, they are now built up over multiple weeks, resulting in higher media performance. This is why we call this the ‘Frequency Pacing Strategy’.

Using this strategy, Unilever is visible for a longer period of time and the synergetic effect of other media, which are generally also used over multiple consecutive weeks, is strengthened. This is grounded in the theories of Byron Sharp and John Philip Jones, which suggest advertisers can use a longer-term presence to create greater mental availability and ensure their brand is ‘Top of Mind’ for longer during buying moments.

To study the effect of this multi-week campaign strategy, research agency MeMo2 was engaged, whom performed extensive impact measurements for the Axe, Magnum and Robijn campaigns. The results are very positive and promising, such that multiple advertisers have now started to use multi-week campaigns. The current studies offer many leads for further research into how OOH can be made even more relevant for advertisers in both introductory and branding campaigns.

Birgit Blomberg, Country Media Manager, Unilever Netherlands:
“Working with our partners to gain new insights into using outdoor marketing on a more continuous basis is highly valuable.”

Cynthia Beste, Communication Strategist, Kinetic Netherlands:
“It's great to see that the strategic idea turns out to work in practice! We hope we can develop this new idea further using new initiatives and follow-up research.”

Marcel den Hoed, Sales Director, Exterion Media:
“It's promising to see advertisers like Unilever deploy Out of Home in this new, effective way. In a time when Digital Out of Home offers many more possibilities for advertisers, spreading out regular OOH campaigns over multiple weeks as well is a great step forward.” 

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